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Buyout group Navis Capital takes a majority stake in Caring Group.

Congratulations to Home Caring founder Jon Kontapos on an extraordinary growth story. Jon started this company in 2015 and in just 8 years grew it into one of the largest privately owned care companies in Australia with a sale upon exit of circa $150 million. Jon worked with Luminis Partners on the transaction. As one…

TRX acquires YBell Fitness to Enhance Functional Training Ecosystem

This is an exciting development for YBell investors as it will drive distribution of YBell internationally through TRX’s industry leading supply chain and globally recognised education certification. I was delighted to work closely with YBell founder Aaron Lawrence, Rob Antulov, Jacanda Capital and TRX CEO Jack Daly on the transaction. I believe this will provide…

Great to be the business advisor on the Shark Tank 2023 Series

Loved working with the Curio Pictures Team on the Disney owned Shark Tank series. So many inspiring entrepreneurs with great ventures for the Sharks to invest in. Looking forward to seeing the final production on Channel 10 soon.

Importance of Communication to Leadership

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Greg Weiss on his podcast The Keep. Leadership is something that I haven’t reflected on or discussed for a while and so it was an interesting to talk through my experiences and lessons learned along the way. With my adult children now entering the workforce or starting…

Start Ups – how to launch and grow a successful company


Building your organisational chart as part of growth planning

One of the most common challenges I see with the entrepreneurs I work with is the bottleneck that forms around the entrepreneurs themselves. This is because they are usually playing a number of roles.

Great to be featured in a book & in BRW

Michael Bunting, who was a business coach of mine when I was the CEO of Ogilvy PR, has just released a book – “Extraordinary Leadership in Australia & New Zealand” with best selling authors James Kouzes and Barry Posner.

The Hong Kong Test

Imagine you are about to hire someone or take onboard a new client, supplier or investor that you are going to spend a lot of time with. From my perspective it is important that you can envisage a successful relationship in terms of contribution and chemistry.

Are you meeting the five essential criteria for clients to buy your services?

We have all had our fair share of new client meetings that went well but went nowhere. In most cases its because we didn’t address one of the five criteria below.